Kim Johnson, L.C.S.W.


Mothers Of Molestation Survivors

By Kim Johnson, Author


No one’s heart bleeds more than a mother’s over their child’s pain.

In just past few of decades, much work has been done to increase awareness of child sex abuse and provide support for victims. However, it’s important to remember that the mothers of these victims are an essential part of that healing process. Next to the victims, many of the mothers are horrifically scarred by shame, guilt, fear, regret, and other emotional wounds.

In her book Mothers of Molestation Survivors, Kim Johnson shares a collection of incredibly helpful action plans that mothers can take to help heal the trauma of this horrific experience. Johnson is a licensed clinical social worker who has spent years helping families of sex abuse incidents. She has interviewed countless mothers of victims of molestations and works with a wide network of therapists.

Mothers of Molestation Survivors is divided into distinct halves. The first half represent mothers who gave poor responses to these abuses (such as Protective, Overprotective and Unprotective Mothers). The second half show the better, healthier alternatives (the Educated, Resourceful and Spiritual Mothers). Readers will also tackle a number of myths regarding sex abuse that still persist, as well as further resources on how to support the assisting victims of child sex abuse.

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Kim has worked in the mental health field since 1990 in the Sacramento area.  She has been employed in both the public and private sectors, inpatient and outpatient settings.  Kim has helped people of many ages and backgrounds to overcome past trauma, conflicts, alter dysfunctional patterns and actualize their potentials toward recovery and fulfillment.

EMDRIA-Certified Therapist and EMDRIA-Approved Consultant: 

  • Kim has been providing EMDR with children, teenagers and adults for over 15 years.  She has successfully treated patients utilizing EMDR for multiple issues.   
  • Consultation to therapists to help them enhance their EMDR skills.  
  • EMDR trainer.
  • Volunteers as a Member of the EMDR International Association Standards & Training Committee since 2014.

MSW, SDSU May 1990
PPS Credential, SDSU May 1990
BA in Communications, CSFU May 1985 

Co-facilitate Sacramento EMDR Network
Member of the National Association of Social Workers, Inc.
Member of EMDRIA, Inc.
Member of Toastmasters International, Inc.

​BOOK AUTHOR:  "Mothers of Molestation Survivors".  ​